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Articles from the Second Quarter of 2002

June 2002

One: The Positive Difference an Online School Newsletter Can Make (Annabel Marsh, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
Two: Achievement Profile: Ann Raimes (Writing Skills Expert)
Achievement Profile: Michael M.T. Henderson (Linguist)
Achievement Profile: Linda Mosteiro Marshall (Elementary ELL)
Achievement Profile: Maria Spelleri (Literacy and ESP)
Achievement Profile: Terry Pruett-Said (ESL Program Development)
Three: An Overview of JALTCALL 2002 (Timothy Gutierrez, Hiroshima, JAPAN)
Session Report from JALTCALL 2002, Using Sound & Video for Web-based Exercises (Chris Elvin, Kanagawa, JAPAN)
Four: A Practical Guide to Setting Up a CALL Lab (Greg Kessler, Athens, OHIO)
Imagination Drives Development of CALL Software for Children (Joe Wiseman, Stephenville, NEWFOUNDLAND)
Five : A Note Administrators May Want to Read, Regarding Teacher Burnout (Barbara S. Andrews, Toledo, OHIO)
Six : How Does Volunteering to Train English Teachers Sound? Join CANHELP Thailand! (Susan Carbery, Tokyo, JAPAN)
Using SRA Reading Labs with Adult ESL Learners (Christine Tierney, Houston, TEXAS)
Using Picture Books To Teach Younger Learners (Julian Whitney, Niigata, JAPAN)
The Role of Action Research in ESL Knowledge Development (Arif Altun, Nigde, TURKEY)
Report on H. Douglas Brown's Recent SBI Workshop (James Mischler, Eugene, OREGON)
Several Ways to Use Songs in ESL (Christy Newman, USA)
Using a Silly Song With Silly Students (Pierre Gingerich, Minneapolis, MINNESOTA)
From "Smooth" to "The Road Less Taken" (Andrea Belletti, NORTH CAROLINA)
How to Pick Songs Your Students Will Enjoy (Laura Kimoto,HAWAII)
Being Strict and Fair to Establish Discipline (Janet Loewenstein, Newark, NEW JERSEY)
Inside Story on the New TOEFL Exam (Jane Conzett, Cincinnati, OHIO)
Using Journals in Elementary School ESL (Donna Rahmand, USA)
An Argument Against Overt Correction in Journal Feedback (Amy Shipley, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA)
Reducing the Affective Filter for Engineers (Maria Spelleri, Sarasota, FLORIDA)
Getting Your Engineers to Speak in English (Mark Pilling, QATAR)
Report on Living and Working Conditions for English Teachers in Argentina (Caroline Gwatkin, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA)
"Best Practices" Award Goes to New Jersey's River Edge Schools (Robb Scott, Brooklyn, NEW YORK)
American Society Can Benefit From Bilingual Ed (Richard Russell, USA)
Teaching Well Despite An Imperfect Curriculum (Robb Scott, Brooklyn, NEW YORK)

May 2002

One: Insights from Contrastive Analysis to Help Teachers of Chinese ESL Learners
Two: Achievement Profile: Virginia Jama (District ESL Coordinator, New York City)
Achievement Profile: David B. Hopkins (Teacher Training)
Achievement Profile: Fred Davidson (Language Testing)
Achievement Profile: David Papier (Natural Teaching)
Three: Why the Input Hypothesis Isn't Enough for Developing Reading Skills
Sure It Is: Some Tips on "Narrow Reading"
Four: Bill VanPatten Joins the Fray, Defending Acquisition Theory Against O'Neill's Criticisms
Robert O'Neill Responds to Each of Bill VanPatten's Arguments
Does Experience Or Theory More Strongly Influence Your Classroom Practice?
New Experimental Paradigm Needed for ESL Research
Five : Keep Shakespeare Out of the ESL Classroom
What To Do If Forced To Teach Shakespeare: Helping Students Relate
Six : The Magic Bonsai Tree, a Story-building Activity to Improve Listening Skills
Krashen-O'Neill Debate : Stephen Krashen Responds Point by Point to Robert O'Neill's Rebuttal
Firsthand Report from Kobe JALT MiniConference on Secondary Education
Report from TESOL 2002: Committee on Adult ESL Standards
Whole Language Don't Work!
Whole Language Works Fine
My Personal Journey Towards Teaching Excellence
Report from NJTESOL/NJBE Spring Conference: Stephen Krashen's Keynote

April 2002

One: Firsthand Report from West Tokyo JALT workshop on stimulating discussion!
Two: Achievement Profile: Marianne Celce-Murcia interview
Achievement Profile: Betty Schrampfer Azar interview
Achievement Profile: Edward T. Erazmus interview
Achievement Profile: Renee Lajcak interview
Achievement Profile: Robert O'Neill interview
Response: Stephen Krashen Replies to O'Neill's Criticism of Acquisition Theorists
Response: A Rebuttal to Krashen from Robert O'Neill
Three: What is the Role of Second Language Acquisition Research?
Response: Language Theory Gives Rationale for Classroom Practice
Response: Teaching Is More Art Than Science
Response: ESL Theory and Practice May Be Irreconcilable
Four: Conversation Bus: An Activity for Creating a "Din"
Five : The Top Ten Sessions You Must Not Miss at TESOL 2002!
Six : What ESL Teachers Can Learn From the Sport of Basketball and the NCAA Tourney
Report from Korea: Is Competition O.K. in the Classroom?
Shakespeare Debate from TESL-L: Shakespeare Rocks!
Shakespeare Debate from TESL-L: We're All Children of Shakespeare
Shakespeare Debate from TESL-L: Sophisticated Adult ESL Students Appreciate a Little Culture
First Day of Class: A Cognitive Trick to Help Reduce First-Day Jitters
First Day of Class: Brainstorming Ground Rules with Your Students
Native-Speaker Standards: Is Native Speaker Usage the Target Anymore?
Natural Approach: Applying the "Input Hypothesis" to Reading and Writing

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