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Articles from the Third Quarter of 2002

September 2002

Seven: Beyond the Popular Positions on Whole Language v. Phonics (Terry Pruett-Said, Detroit, MICHIGAN)
Eight: Challenging ESL Professionals to Influence Public Opinion on Bilingual Education (Stephen Krashen, University of Southern CALIFORNIA)
One: "Do-It-Yourself" Teacher Training (Gabriel Skop, Palm Desert, CALIFORNIA)
Two: Achievement Profile: Carmelita Ballesteros (Children's EFL / Changua, TAIWAN)
Three: Achievement Profile: John Fanselow (Teacher Training / Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND)
Four: Achievement Profile: Stephen Krashen (Bilingual Education, Reading, Libraries / Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
Five : Achievement Profile: Michael Krauss (Internet Projects / Portland, OREGON)
Six : Achievement Profile: Steve Walters (Teacher Training / Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM)

August 2002

One: A New Age Approach to Classroom Dynamics (Joyce Mandell, New York City, NEW YORK)
Two: Achievement Profile: Susan Gaer (Project-based CALL)
Achievement Profile: Sharon Seymour (IEP Administration)
Achievement Profile: Denise Murray (Computer-mediated Learning)
Achievement Profile: Joy Reid (Learning Styles)
Three: Teacher-Trainees From Hong Kong Give Child-Motivation Principles (Lida Baker, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA)
Four: A Few More Ideas on How to Motivate ESL Children (Maria Spelleri, Sarasota, FLORIDA)
Five : How Do We Give L2 Input Without Causing Learner Anxiety? (Mary Ellen Radloff, Hattiesburg, MISSISSIPPI)
Six : Implications of the ESEA Reauthorization, Report from NJTESOL/NJBE (Robb Scott, Hays, KANSAS)
Seven : An Educational Fort Riley Shows Hows to Include ELLs in the School Community (Robb Scott, Hays, KANSAS)
Eight : Getting Your TEFL Training Via the Internet: Pros and Cons (Ken Merwin, Cambria, WISCONSIN)

July 2002

One: The ESL MiniConference Online Summer Survey (ESL MiniConference Editorial Advisory Board)
Two: Achievement Profile: Anthea Tillyer (Internet Pioneer)
Achievement Profile: Liz England (Social Consciousness in ESL)
Achievement Profile: Charlie Mickelson (ESL Program Administration)
Achievement Profile: Bill VanPatten (Second Language Acquisition)
Three: Phonemic Awareness Workshop at NJTESOL/NJBE Summer Institute (Lynda Franco, FLORIDA)
Four: Increasing Access for Visually Impaired ESL Learners (Lorna Joy Swain, CALIFORNIA)
Using Post-It Tabs to Help Blind Students Plan Ahead (Helen Adamson, USA)
Five : A Warning to Teachers Who Overuse Reading Aloud Activities (John Harbord, HUNGARY)
Suggested Lessons Incorporating Reading Out Loud (Rosemary Schmid, Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA)
Time to Rethink Our Bias Against Reading Aloud? (Mark Pilling, QATAR)
Six : A Syllabus for Training ESL Teachers, With Related Links (Robb Scott, Brooklyn, NEW YORK)

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