EuroCALL 2002, Aug. 14-17

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June 2002

One: Enhancing the School Community With An Online Newsletter
Annabel Marsh, of Abu Dhabi Women's College, UAE, describes the role of the Corniche Chronicle, a newsletter by, about and for the school's students and staff.
Two: Meet Ann Raimes
Jean Bodman, an ESL MiniConference participant from Union County College, New Jersey, said, "I'd like to hear from Ann Raimes," so here is our keynote interview with the famous writing skills expert from Hunter College, NYC. (See this month's other featured profiles: Michael M.T. Henderson / Linda Mosteiro Marshall / Maria Spelleri / Terry Pruett-Said)
Three: JALTCALL 2002 An Overwhelming Success!
JALTCALL 2002 brought together a diverse array of English teachers in Japan who are pioneering many of the newest language teaching technologies. Here is an exclusive overview of the May 18-19 event, contributed by Timothy Gutierrez, JALTCALL 2002 conference chair.
Four: A Step-By-Step Plan for Building Your CALL Lab
Greg Kessler, of Ohio University's OPIE program, provides this down-to-earth, logical explanation of what goes into establishing a sustainable computer assisted language learning (CALL) lab. See also an interview with ESL software developer Joe Wiseman, of Innova Multimedia, in Stephenville, Newfoundland.
Five: Creativity and Quality Hampered By Work Overloads
Barbara S. Andrews, a foreign language teacher in Toledo, Ohio, describes some factors which combine to make it nearly impossible for teachers to develop innovative technology projects.
Six: Volunteer to Train Teachers in Thailand!
Susan Carbery is so excited about her experience volunteering for CANHELP, a Japan-based NGO, that she wants to encourage other ESL teachers to help at CANHELP's English-training workshops this summer in Isaan, Thailand.

Other June articles:

The Debate Over Bilingual Education
American Society Can Benefit From Bilingual Ed (Richard Russell)

Awards and Recognition
"Best Practices" Award Goes to New Jersey's River Edge Schools (Robb Scott)

Reports from ESL MiniConference Participants
JALTCALL 2002 Session: Using Video & Sound on the Web (Chris Elvin)
Niigata JALT: Using Picture Books With Children (Julian Whitney & Setsuko Toyama)
Oregon TESOL: H. Douglas Brown workshop on SBI (James Mischler)
Report from Buenos Aires on Current Working Conditions for ESL Teachers (Caroline Gwatkin)

Setting Up a Reading Lab
Using SRA with Adult ESL Learners (Christine Tierney)

Experience v. Theory revisited
Action Research Crucial for Growth of ESL Knowledge (Arif Altun)

Using Songs in the ESL Classroom
Some Basic Ways to Use Songs in ESL (Christy Newman)
"There Was An Old Lady," A Silly Song That Works Wonders (Pierre Gingerich)
Carlos Santana & Robert Frost: The Connection Between Song and Poetry (Andrea Belletti)
How to Pick Songs Your Students Will Enjoy (Laura Kimoto)

Language Testing: Policies and Procedures
Avoiding Testing Pitfalls: Student Cheating (Janet Loewenstein)
Are Your Students Ready for the New TOEFL? (Jane Conzett)

Journal Writing in ESL
Double Entry Journals in Elementary School ESL (Donna Rahmand)
Content v. Form in ESL Journal Feedback (Amy Shipley)

Special Considerations in Teaching English to Professionals
Reducing the Affective Filter for Engineers (Maria Spelleri)
Getting Your Engineers to Speak in English (Mark Pilling)

Topics in ESL Program Management
Teaching Well Despite An Imperfect Curriculum (Robb Scott)