EuroCALL 2002, Aug. 14-17

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Using Sound and Video for Interactive Web Activities
Chris Elvin Demonstrated Hot Potatoes at JALTCALL 2002

Chris ElvinChris Elvin has a Masterís degree in TESOL from Temple University, Japan. He is the author of "Now You're Talking," and the owner and Webmaster of EFL Club, a childrenís language learning Web site. He presented at the recent JALTCALL 2002 conference in Hiroshima, Japan, and contributed the following synopsis of his session for readers of the ESL MiniConference newsletter.

In my JALTCALL 2002 session, "How to make interactive sound and video EFL web pages," I demonstrated how one can use iTunes, QuickTime Pro and Hot Potatoes to format, edit and optimize sound and video files for display on the Internet. I showed teachers what the HTML codes for sound and video files look like and explained a few of their variables. I also demonstrated how to use Hot Potatoes with sound and video files, offered some personal tips and suggestions, and showed examples of interactive web pages from my own website, EFL Club. Finally, I briefly talked about copyright, and tried to interpret what fair use means to educational multimedia developers. This presentation also included a fun twenty question "Instant Lawyer Quiz," which was made using Hot Potatoes.

Participants varied from total beginners, who were thinking of learning how to make their first homepage, to experienced webmasters, who were interested in learning how to make their sites more interactive. The issue of copyright was possibly the hottest topic discussed, but there was general agreement that as long as my website, EFL Club, remained educational and not for profit, it would be difficult to argue against its use of songs and movie trailers.

My future projects will still rely on Hot Potatoes and Quicktime, but with more variation in the exercises for students, which up to now have relied mainly on clozes.

By Chris Elvin
St. Dominico's Institute
Kanagawa, Japan

2002 ESL MiniConference Online

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