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Companion Web Sites for Azar, FOG and Grammar Express

2-minute ESL Teaching Survey! is rapidly expanding its online offerings for ESL teachers (and students). Currently, there are sample units, worksheets and companion Web sites for most of their Azar texts, Focus on Grammar and Grammar Express, in addition to a good collection of links to other sites and ESL newsletters. The Grammar Express companion Web site offers interactive online multiple-choice quizzes for students to test themselves on every major grammar point covered in the entire text. There are a total of 30 quizzes, each with 15 questions, and students receive their score immediately, along with explanations for the questions they have missed. Other new areas of the Longman site include activities and vocabulary lists to accompany the NorthStar series as well as materials for the Idiom Adventure text.

If you are looking for online resources to help you reflect on and improve your teaching, here are three topic digests recently released by the ERIC Clearinghouse:

Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers

Integrated Skills in the ESL/EFL Classroom

Language Teaching Methodology

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