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Making a List, Checking it Twice
Using Holiday Catalogues in ESL

2-minute ESL Teaching Survey!

You asked for interesting class activities. I have one that might be especially appropriate for the holiday season. I go to a store like K-Mart, Sears or Target and take a bunch of small weekly catalogues, the ones that are often inserted in Sunday newspapers.

The students work in pairs so they have to speak English to each other; each pair gets a catalogue. Their task is to look through their catalogue and answer questions which I post:

*What is the most expensive item in the catalogue?
What is the cheapest?
*What is one thing you don't have in your country?
*What is one thing you would like to receive as a gift?
*You and your partner have $500 to spend. What will you buy? Make a list.

This activity gets the students talking in order to complete a task. It also helps them learn some vocabulary--the catalogues have the name of each item along with the picture. And students are usually interested in the items themselves.

Hope you can use this.

Submitted by David Papier