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Lexicarry is Back--in Technicolor!
ProLingua Associates Republishes an ESL Classic

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The new Lexicarry by Patrick MoranAny day now, ProLingua Associates will launch a new site, to accompany their revised, color version of the classic "Lexicarry" text, first published in black and white in 1984. In the new book, Patrick R. Moran has chosen vibrant colors to add refreshing depth to a famous book which ESL teachers have sworn by for years. The new site,, will eventually provide learners and teachers with vocabulary lists in multiple languages to accompany the new color Lexicarry book.

In one review of the black and white Lexicarry, Greg Thompson, of SIL International ( called it "the best single all in one language learning resource that we have come across."

Lexicarry is much more than a vocabulary-building resource. The first portion of the book contains comic-style story strips, normally three frames per story, and bubbles with the words missing. The stories illustrate a number of basic language functions and communication situations.

You can find more information about the new Lexicarry and other books available for ordering online at the ProLingua Associates site. To get more information or to order by e-mail, you can send a note to Or call the PLA hotline, 800-366-4775.

Also, there are free online samples from other Pro Lingua textbooks, at

Story by Robb Scott