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Survey of ESL MiniConference Readers

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Your reponses will help guide the
future development of the ESL MiniConference Online journal.

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1. ESL MiniConference Achievement Profiles

How relevant, useful or interesting are these weekly interviews
with experienced ESL professionals?

Further comments on Achievement Profile interviews:

Which interviews have you read?

Marianne Celce-Murcia
Betty Azar
Edward Erazmus
Renee Lacjak
Robert O'Neill
Virginia Jama
David Hopkins

Fred Davidson
David Papier
Ann Raimes
Michael M.T. Henderson
Linda Marshall
Maria Spelleri
Terry Pruett-Said

2. Reports and Articles from ESL MiniConference Participants

How relevant, useful or interesting are the stories, reports
and articles from ESL MiniConference participants?

Further comments on ESL MiniConference stories:

Would you like to be asked to contribute a report
on a local workshop, inservice or other topic?

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3. Announcements of Upcoming Events in the E-mail Newsletter

How many times have you followed up and corresponded with event
organizers based on contact and venue information from the weekly
ESL MiniConference e-mail newsletter?

Further comments on event info in the weekly e-mail newsletter:

4. General Navigatibility of the ESL MiniConference site

Based on your personal experience finding articles on
the ESL MiniConference Online, please rate the natural
logic and utilization of hypertext principles on our site.

Further comments regarding your navigation experience
on the ESL MiniConference journal:

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