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May 2005

Speech at Diversity Pinning Ceremony

Remembering Judi Hirsch

Ten Popular Stories

What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding?

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Here is What TESOLers are Reading
Ten of the Most Downloaded ESL MiniConference Articles

Web tracking for May 2005 shows that more than 10,000 unique readers accessed the ESL MiniConference articles this month. Ten of the most popular stories are the following, each being read at least 100 times during May.

So You Want to Build a CALL Lab?
Down-to-Earth Pointers from Ohio University's Greg Kessler

New Age Meets Cultural Diversity in Denver
Report from Rocky Mountain TESOL 2003

Is Formal Grammar Instruction Superfluous?
JALTTALK Discussion Evokes Memories of Suggestopedia Experience

Giving Adult Language Learners Wings to Fly (and Acquire)
Bill VanPatten Responds to Robert O'Neill's Criticisms of SLA

ESL and EFL: Same or Different?
Raucous Debate on JALTTALK Listserv

What is the Role of SLA in Day-to-Day Classroom Teaching?
University of Texas's Charles Nelson Looks at Theory vs. Practice

Motivating Young ESL Learners: Part Two
More Ideas for Keeping Things Moving, by Maria Spelleri

Trust and Inclusion in Elementary ESL
Report on Jo Gusman Workshop in Garden City

Comments on O'Neill's Debt to and Argument with Krashen
Stephen Krashen Responds to O'Neill's Criticisms

Increasing Our Awareness of Chinese Grammar
Contrastive Analysis Can Help English Learners

These articles and dozens of others in current as well as archived editions of the ESL MiniConference Online are why our coverage is rapidly becoming the most quoted and most responsibly referenced information online for the quickly evolving field of ESL/EFL. Thank you for helping to make that happen through your continued readership and involvement in the ESL MiniConference! "Keeping the Conference Spirit Going All Year Round!"

Report by Robb Scott

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