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My Former Student
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Kindred Spirit
by Bruce A.

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David B. Hopkins Festschrift
David B. Hopkins Festschrift

A Kindred Spirit
Contributed by Bruce Veldhuisen

I met Dave in 1998 as I was trying to develop a TESOL certificate course in Thailand. I do not have a great deal of training in ELT--most of my thoughts and feelings regarding teaching are based upon my own decade-long struggles learning Cantonese and Mandarin. But in Dave I immediately found a kindred spirit who validated my beliefs in language learning with several decades of experience in Teacher Training all over the world.

I worked with Dave for over a decade in Ban Phe. In that time he trained over 1,000 new teachers, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experiences with an entirely new generation of teachers. His influence will be felt for many generations.

Bruce A. Veldhuisen
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
TEFL International (tefllife.com)
Headquarters: Banphe, THAILAND

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