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David B. Hopkins Festschrift
David B. Hopkins Festschrift

David Bruce Hopkins was born on November 5, 1942. He grew up in Brattleboro, Vermont, and earned his high school diploma from the Northwood School in Lake Placid, New York. David Hopkins earned a degree in Russian Studies from Marlboro College, in 1968. Dave Hopkins wearing traditional Saudi garb in his KSU classroomHe earned a TEFL Certificate, from the School for International Training (SIT) in 1968, and a Masters in Intercultural Management and a Master of Arts in Teaching (ESOL) from SIT, in 1972.

Dave Hopkins currently resides in Thailand, and serves as a lead teacher in the Professional Development Unit of the English Language Studies Department at King Saud University - Preparatory Year Program, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His career includes the following posts and accomplishments:

  • 1977 - Training Project Director, ACTION/Peace Corps, Botswana

  • 1977-78 - Materials Developer-Setswana, Peace Corps/Experiment in International Living, Vermont

  • 1978-79 - Program Developer, Experiment in International Living, Vermont

    School for International Training, World Learning, Inc., the Experiment in International Living
    The Experiment in International Living

  • 1979-83 - Program Director, Consortium Refugee Projects: Indonesia & Thailand

  • 1983-85 - Director, CELT, Experiment in International Living, Bangkok, Thailand

  • 1983-85 - Language Specialist, Academy for Educational Development (USAID), Pakistan

  • 1985-87 - Teacher Training Specialist, USAID/Fulbright Commission, Egypt

  • 1987-88 - Senior Program Developer, The Experiment in International Living, Brattleboro, Vermont

  • 1989-90 - EFL Instructor, University of Nevada-Reno, Tokyo, Japan

  • 1990-96 - Director/EFL Instructor, Ohio Program of English Language Teaching, Chubu University, Japan

  • 1996-98 - Director of Studies, American University Alumni Language Center, Bangkok, Thailand

  • 1998-2010 - Academic Director, TEFL International, Rayong, Thailand

    TEFL International teacher-training graduates, 2002
    TEFL International teacher-trainees

  • 2007-2008 - Instructor, M.Ed. TESOL Program, Asia University, Thailand

  • 2010-2011 - Senior English Language Fellow, United States Department of State, Islamabad, Pakistan

    Pakistan HEC Workshop participants, 2010
    Workshop participants, HEC, Pakistan

  • 2011-2012 (present) - EFL Instructor/Lead Teacher, English Language Studies Department, King Saud University - Preparatory Year Program, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    KSU colleagues Dave and Nuri at Steakhouse on Dave's birthday in Riyadh
    Dave and Nuri at Steakhouse in Riyadh

  • In addition to his skills and experience in teacher education, course design, media and intercultural development, David Hopkins has established friendships and built a reputation for hard work, thoughtfulness, and continuous improvement. He sent out the following message as an Internet holiday greeting recently:

    It tis the Season to remember friends and family, and wish for the peace and happiness of all people on Earth. Let us join with our sisters and brothers of all faiths and cultures to pray for understanding and warm hearts.

    I have been blessed with an international family from my Thai wife Dao, and daughter Tskao and granddaughter Gem, to my wonderful son Davey of Brasil, to my daughter Diana and grandchildren Erynn and Christian. I have been blessed to live and work in Brasil, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, Pakistan and now the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with one of the most ethnically diverse groups imaginable. My teaching partner Elvis is a South African of Xhosa origins and my close friend is Nuri, an American born in Turkey. These and more are my most treasured things.

    There are pets who own our hearts and parents who brought us here and yet we are all part of the same family. What a wonder!

    Dave and Dao, photo by Marc Helgesen
    Dave and his wife, Dao
    photo by Marc Helgesen

    Some may argue that it is too early to celebrate a festschrift in Dave's case. Obviously, he continues on a trajectory of personal and professional experiences that has actually accelerated in recent years, as if he has discovered a new gear and shifted into super overdrive.

    At the same time, in 45 years so far of professional activity, Dave Hopkins has made such a positive difference for so many students, teachers, friends, and colleagues, that it makes sense for us to throw out a few "anchors in time" to mark this occasion, and reflect on what it means to live and learn cross-culturally for as long as Dave has.

    ESL MiniConference Online will make a commitment here and now that this Summer of 2012 "early festschrift" will be followed by an even bigger festschrift when David Hopkins hits the 50-year mark in his career. The articles from friends and colleagues which are included in this summer's Dave Hopkins Festschrift provide ample evidence of the indelible impressions his work in cross-cultural communication and English language teaching continues to make in the lives of so many who are grateful to call Dave their friend. His example is an inspiration.

    Would you like to add your article to the Dave Hopkins Festschrift?
    Articles accepted the rest of the summer and into early autumn.
    Send your message to: DrRobbScott@gmail.com

    2012 ESL MiniConference Online