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A Word on Behalf of TESOL Member Services
Part-timers and adjuncts qualify for excellent health plans

In a recent exchange on the very popular TESL-JB listserv (, several part-time ESL teachers expressed dissatisfaction with the medical and disability insurance options available through membership in TESOL.

According to one person, a part-time teacher at Hunter College paid disability insurance premiums through TESOL for 10 years, only to find that when she was out for three months for gall bladder surgery the company refused to pay because of a 25-hour per week minimum number of teaching hours required which she had not been aware of.

TESOL currently offers a number of different types of insurance to U.S.-based members via Affinity Group Services, Seabury & Smith, of Chicago, IL. When ESL MiniConference called TESOL's new insurance carrier (800-503-9230), we were told that, at least in the case of medical insurance, there is no minimum number of weekly teaching hours.

As far as the disability income insurance plan for TESOL members, offered through Seabury & Smith, the word is that there is a minimum of 30 working hours per week: however, these include prep time, whether those hours are paid separately or not. According to Seabury & Smith, there is no specific minimum number of classroom teaching hours required to qualify for the disability income plan, and the time spent grading assignments at home is counted within the minimum total of 30 hours per week.

For more information:

Affinity Group Services
a service of Seabury & Smith
1440 Renaissance Drive
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-1400
Fax 847-803-1653
M-F 8:15-5

Story by Robb Scott