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February 2002

One: Health Benefits for TESOL Part-timers
There was recently a heated discussion on CUNY's TESL-JB listserv regarding health benefits for part-time ESL teachers. Here is some straight talk on TESOL's current plan.
Two: An Argument Essay for Valentine's Day
Argument essays are a great way to get students to make personal investments in their learning process. Here is a teacher-produced sample essay on "Love and Money."
Three: A Review of the "Let's Talk" Series
Leo Jones is well-known for his practical approaches to the teaching of English conversation. Here is a book that will help any teacher imitate his success.
Four: New York City Winter TESOL Conference
See the latest schedule of concurrent sessions! A good reason to brave the winter cold. Here is an early peek at the conference schedule.
Five: Coverage of the Winter Conference (After Feb. 23rd)
Look here the next day after the Feb. 23rd Winter Conference, for the best reports!
Six: Coverage of the Winter Conference (After Feb. 23rd)
Here is some background information about Robb Scott, the editor of ESL MiniConference Online.