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Summer 09

Posters at TALGS

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Why Are You Smiling?

Achievement Profile: Donald Cherry

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Pictures and a Thousand Words
Intense Hallway Discussions at TALGS 2009

Poster Displays at TALGS 6

"Effective Efficacy: Teaming English at a Business School"
by Saheefa Jaleel Naqvi

"Stylistic Analyses of Irving and Poe's Approach to Nature"
by Felicia Pruteanu

"A Vocabulary Intervention Research for Kindergarten ESOL Students"
by Dr. Ummahan Yesil-Dagli & Michelle Cauthen

"Learning Strategies of Non-native Speakers of English at East Carolina University"
by Celestine Davis

"First-Year Course Instructors' Attitudes Toward Teaching College Stduents Writing"
by Whitney Larrimore

Photos of the Poster Session at TALGS 2009

Dr. Ummahan Yesil-Dagli & Michelle Cauthen

Celestine Davis

Whitney Larrimore

Saheefa Jaleel Naqvi (Sent poster, but did not attend)

Felicia Pruteanu

Photos by Robb Scott

2009 ESL MiniConference Online

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