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Autumn 2011

Activism vs
by Ashley

New Force
in Lamar



A Look Back
in Rye Brook

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Mid Autumn Issue, 2011

A "Rant" by Ashley Green
... What worries me is that while we tend to the day-to-day problems, there are all these students moving in and out of our ESL programs not really getting the best education we can offer. And I think we owe them better than that. I think we owe them a useful curriculum and a thoughtful assessment process. ...

"Occupy Lamar," Monty Thompson Style
...For those of us who know him, Monty's campaign captured our imaginations. He is just a straight-talker, practical thinker, and his near upset of an established board member is now all that people in Lamar want to discuss. ...

Discourse Analysis of Lope de Vega's "Cuan Aventurado," by Meribel Osorio [in Spanish]
...Siendo Lope de Vega exponente de un arte poético tan versátil; atrevido y libre, pero a la vez moralista y hasta religioso, no es sorprendente para nada que haya creado un poema como el que aquì intento analizar; tan elocuente y claro, y a la vez tan profundo y enigmático. Por supuesto lo sorprendente no es que Lope de Vega haya creado este poema, sino que siendo él un exponente del arte barroco, tuviera a la vez una capacidad de sencillez y sensibilidad tal que le permitiera escribir un poema tan significativo y, sobre todo tan humano como el poema que aquí se trata. ...

WIN Workforce Skill Building as a Unifying Force
...I envision a community college or small college in which all students have access to the WIN software via the Internet, and where much of the introductory curriculum in every subject area incorporates a WIN skills building component. At the very lowest levels, there are beginning literacy materials that can be printed out for use. As students advance to the highest levels, they receive WIN certificates that administrators can print from the software directly, adding the school's logo and other customizations. ...

Ten Years After...(Reprise of Article About NYSTESOL 2001)
...In the subdued atmosphere that prevailed at this year's NYS TESOL convention in Rye Brook, these were some of the more poignant moments. The fire-orange, red and yellow leaves in the woodlands surrounding Rye may have offered a reassuring signal that the cycle of nature continues unabated, even in the face of horrible experiences such as those of us in New York and America have recently seen. There is a certain predictability to the change of seasons, and participants in the weekend at the Rye Town Hilton likely returned home with steadier nerves and a clearer shared vision of the future of our chosen vocation. ...

The Urge to Learn and Grow Cross-Culturally
...When our family moved to central Kansas in 1967, there was not much diversity. My first opportunity to learn a second language came in ninth grade, in Mrs. Law's Spanish class; my interest in culture became interwoven with the language learning process after I got a Spanish-speaking pen-pal from Quito, Ecuador, with whom I am still corresponding, now by e-mail and Skype. ...