Peace as a Global Language Conference, September 2004

January 2004

How Much Comprehensible Input is Enough?

Willie Nelson Provides New ESL/EFL Teaching Resource

Electronic Village Online Sessions

Michael Two Horses, 1953-2003

Preview of September Peace Conference in Kyoto

Update: Interview with ESL MiniConference Editor

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ESL MiniConference Online!

Electronic Village Online Sessions 2004
Free Registration Through January 26th!

Electronic Village (EV) Online Sessions 2004 starting on January 26 and ending on March 5, 2004. Registration for the sessions will be accepted January 12-26, 2004.

The EV Online 2004 sessions are held prior to the TESOL Convention and some in conjunction with Interest Section Academic Sessions or Strands. You do NOT have to be a member of TESOL, nor do you have to register for TESOL 2004, to take part in these FREE events.

The following Online Sessions will be offered:

* English for everybody; all gain, no loss? -- moderators: Professor Ulrich Bliesener, Jane Hoelker, Joyce Kling, Keiko Abé-Ford, Christine Coombe, Valerie S. Jakar - sponsor: EFL-Interest Section

* Real English Online Video - moderators: Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Michael Marzio - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section, Video Interest Section

* TESOL Drama Presents: Let's Put on a Play - moderators: Nigel Caplan, Gary Carkin, Judy Trupin - sponsor: SPL-Interest Section/TESOL Drama

* Becoming a Webhead - moderators: Dafne Gonzalez, Teresa Almeida d'Eça, Susanne Nyrop, Maria Jordano - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section

* Creating interactive online language lessons with Macromedia Flash MX - moderator: Marmo Soemarmo - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section

* Assessing and Teaching Oral Communication Skills - moderators: Rebecca Dauer, Christine Parkhurst - sponsor: SPL-Interest Section

* A Basic Workshop for using the Internet in class - moderator: JoAnn Miller -- sponsor: CALL-Interest Section

* Creating and using weblogs in ESL/EFL - moderators: Anne Davis, Sandy Peters, Aaron Campbell, Joe Luft - sponsor: CALL-Interest Section

For complete session descriptions and registration information, please visit the Web site (best viewed in Internet Explorer).

Announcement by Dafne Gonzalez
Caracas, Venezuela

2004 ESL MiniConference Online