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Spring 2012

by Robb
Scott, Ed.D.

in Lamar
by Robb
Scott, Ed.D.

Why Textbooks?
by Ashley

Seeing David
Hopkins in
by Robb
Scott, Ed.D.


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Early and Mid Spring, 2012

Relevance Quest - Teaching Beyond the Textbook, by Ashley Green
... Textbooks are boring. I should qualify that statement by saying that textbooks are boring to me. I find them inherently dull, even the decent ones. I donít know how to make them interesting, so I donít like using them. I do, however, like the YouTube videos I find or the interesting articles published in the school newspaper. I like the content that my students generate in the class, when a simple discussion of American education turns into a weekís worth of writing class lesson plans. ...

Mourning the Office of Adult Transition Services
...It is unfortunate that there are others in the state who are sometimes more interested in maintaining status and power than they are in doing what is right. When you speak to a resident of Lamar, you will get an honest answer without any embellishments. As you move further west across the state, people are a little more sophisticated and their explanations and motivations more complex. ...

Exciting Debut of Dave Hopkins' Zen TESOL Book and Website!
...When I saw a hard copy of his new "Zen TESOL" book recently, and started reading it, I realized that you can open to any page and find something worthwhile. These are vignettes and anecdotes intended not to provide you with "the answers," but rather to stimulate a thought process which results in you finding the answers that make sense in your current teaching situation. ...

ESL MiniConference Editor Visits Friend and Mentor in Riyadh
...In mid February, I hit the skies for a trip to a new ESL teaching experience for the first time in 20 years. I was traveling to Saudi Arabia, to participate at the largest intensive English program in the world, at King Saud University, in Riyadh....One of the things that I was really looking forward to in this new overseas adventure was the chance to visit with a former colleague, mentor, and boss of mine ...