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Winter 2007-2008

The Nature of Learning

Tribute to Harold Melville, 1945-2008

Securing Immigrant Rights In America


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Winter 2007-2008

Tribute to Harold "Mel" Melville
This article is meant to reflect the memories and sentiments of people who knew Harold "Mel" Melville, an American-born long-time professor at Shiga University in Japan who passed away on January 15th, 2008....

The Purpose of Teaching and Learning
...For Dewey, again, the purpose of education begins with--but is not limited to--a learner's impulse in a particular direction, and his or her acting on that impulse. This concept of purpose leads logically to implications relevant to a further question: what is the teacher's role in the learning process?...

Does That Banner Yet Wave?
There is no denying that there is a lot of immigrant bashing in today's America. Several of the Republican candidates for president were really way out there with rhetoric that seemed to whip up lots of emotion in the early straw polls and debates. Prominent journalists like Lou Dobbs know their audience only too well, and rarely allow actual debate to occur on this topic. ...