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Winter 2006-2007

Achievement Profile: Greg Kessler

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Intensive Phonics Replacing ESL in Some Schools

Which Dictionary?

Students Making Comic Strips

TESOL / Applied Linguistics Grad Students to Meet!

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Winter 2006-2007

Achievement Profile: Greg Kessler
...It seems there is a small group of teachers who are enamored with technology and they seek out any and all resources available. However, the vast majority of teachers do not have appropriate background knowledge in the theory, methodology and materials associated with CALL. I think this problem is similar to what TESOLers in recent decades identified as a deficit in the understanding of grammar among teachers.....

TESOL/Applied Linguistics Graduate Students to Meet in Greenville, NORTH CAROLINA!
...TALGS (TESOL/Applied Linguistics Graduate Students) is a small, student-run conference aimed at helping ESL/Language teachers in the community connect with language/TESL students and university faculty....

Marathon Debate Over Dictionaries on TESL-L
...This exchange appears to have developed as an offshoot of a debate over the relevance of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis to ESL/EFL teaching and learning, and the extent to which words are translatable from one language to another....

Electronic Village Online Announces Free Registration for the 2007 Sessions
...There is a specific window of opportunity, January 1-14, 2007, for people to register for the Electronic Village Online. Registration will be achieved via yahoo group links at the end of the online description of each session. The descriptions identify target audience and provide a week-by-week syllabus for each session. Sessions will run online for six weeks, from January 15, 2007 to February 25, 2007. Again, enrollment and participation in the Electronic Village Online is free of charge and not limited to TESOL members....

Phonics Being Pushed at Expense of ESL Services in Connecticut Public Schools?
...Recently, I've been involved in several lively debates over when or when not to hold a beginner accountable for grade level, native English-speaking phonics knowledge in his/her first or second year in the country....

Creativity Boost for ESL Teachers and Students at makebeliefscomix.com
...It is a relatively simple Web tool concept, and an exciting way to engage ESL/EFL students in creative new activities where they can experiment with the social contexts of language use....

Reprising a 1998 Report on a Robert Thurman Speech in NYC
...Teachers are ideally involved in this kind of activity all the time, said Thurman, and for that reason, he concluded, teaching is such a satisfying endeavor....

An Update Interview with Robb Scott, Editor, ESL MiniConference Online
...Sometimes, it is a major accomplishment just to continue to exist, in the rough and tumble, here today, gone tomorrow, world of the Internet....