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Summer 09

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From the Heart

Why Are You Smiling?

Achievement Profile: Donald Cherry

Preserving Heritage Language


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Late Summer 2009

TALGS Poster Sessions: TALGS 2009 Report #3 of 4
Photos by Robb Scott. ...

What's in Your Heart Today?
...Are you angry that you became a teacher? Are you frustrated with your interaction with students? ...

An Analysis of Reasons Why People Smile
... is happiness the only good reason for smiling? The most interesting smiles may not come from happiness at all, but they can still be valuable. ...

Achievement Profile: Donald Cherry
...I am a junkyohju, which is something between a hobbit and a leprechaun. Sorry. I mean, I AM a junkyohju, but itís nothing to do with hobbits and leprechauns. Not strictly speaking, anyway....

Building Literacy in Spanish and English
...Sometimes it is nice to be able to step outside the media battles and research duels over bilingual education and the role of first language literacy in second language development. We see the results every day. . ...