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Spring 09

Jodi Crandall at TALGS

AM Sessions at TALGS

Are You Experienced? TEFL Life Unveils Its ITA Program

Retroactive Benefits for ESL Adjuncts?

Achievement Profile: Angela DiCostanzo


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Spring 2009

Equipping the ESL Coach: TALGS 2009 Report #1 of 4
This year's plenary speaker at TALGS was Dr. JoAnn Crandall, Professor of ESOL/Bilingual Education and Director of the interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Language, Literacy and Culture at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)....She used her presentation to share models of collaboration that she has observed in her research, both for K-12 and adult learning. The first model is content-based ESL, in which there is an ESL curriculum with language, content, and critical thinking skills or, alternatively, in the context of a longer thematic unit. ...

Articulating Content, Clarifying Form: TALGS Report #2 of 4
A tip of the hat to East Carolina University graduate students Zuzana Elliott, Yi Sun, Lamont Cannon, and Chad Elliott, and their mentor, Dr. Lida Cope, along with a number of other key individuals who helped to make the sixth annual TALGS one-day conference (TESOL Applied Linguistics Graduate Students) on February 21, 2009, in Greenville, North Carolina, a spectacular success....Concurrent sessions were just 30 minutes, so speakers really had to be on their toes, talking quickly, and moving efficiently through their powerpoints. Participants go a clear sense of what each speaker felt was most crucial to communicate, and, at this pace, there was no time to lose enthusiasm or interest. In addition to a core contingent of local and regional Carolina speakers, there were presenters from California, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and England. ...

TEFL Life Introduces New Pre-Service Model
...As intercultural informants the ITA’s offer students a personal experience with a foreign culture. At the same time the volunteer can assist the host country teacher with classroom content in English, science and math courses. The ITA gains hands on experience in a foreign culture, and a chance to give something back. Transforming lives through intercultural experiences is the program goal. ...

Community College Adjuncts Gain Benefits
...a law firm in Seattle has successfully argued in King County Superior Court that part-time community college instructors have a right to "retroactive retirement benefits".... This class-action lawsuit resulted in a court ruling that means about 1,000 community college adjuncts in Washington State are to receive a total of $12 million dollars in benefits...

Achievement Profile: Angela DiCostanzo
...I have been teaching English to international students hoping to study at an American university. Soon, I will be teaching English to university students in Cambodia...