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Spring 2007

Bill Isler Reports on TALGS 2007

Notes on a Recreational Reading Activity

New Achievement Profile: Naomi Ossar

Being Yourself

Exceptional Opportunity of the Year

Report from Seattle: TESOL 2007


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Spring 2007

Kansas CEC's Exceptional Opportunity of the Year: Wendy Berg
...Berg became a paraeducator 21 years ago, and has been at Roosevelt for the past 15 years, where she works in a non-categoricalresource room, supporting children with a variety of disabilities. On May 14, 2007, she was honored by the McPherson Unified School District #419, with a presentation of a certificate at a meeting of the USD 419 Board of Education.....

Report from TALGS 2007
...As always, the range of presentation topics was amazing: bilingual education in North Carolina with a focus on dual language immersion, teacher-embodied reflection through transformative Boalian theater, teacher attitudes and code switching in English speaking students, metaphorical language use in health professions, second language pedagogy (e.g. L2 writing; error correction; pragmatic transfer), indigenous language maintenance, new ethnic varieties of English, and more....

Recreational Reading to Enhance College-Level Reading Skills
...there is not always a lot of room, in a content-based, skill-building ESL curriculum, for teachers to introduce an activity such as everyone reading a single novel, although in the English Language Program at K-State we seem to be moving towards a syllabus which incorporates a novel as a class text, as well as extensive opportunities for students to read shorter texts in our language lab. What to do beyond the shared text, or if there is not a full-length reader, is a challenge I have faced in every program I have known over the past 25 years....

Examples from Life and Music on Being Authentic
...We do not often enough remember that, in many ways, teaching ESL/EFL in today's world entails teaching peace, based on mutual respect and personal freedom. As ESL teachers, we should aspire to be the exemplary "men and women whose loyalty and service during times of war and peace define the character" of not only our nations but the world of the future....

Achievement Profile: Dr. Naomi Ossar
...I treasure the friendships of longer or shorter duration that grow out of the teacher-student relationships. When I could, I had students come to my house, usually as a class, sometimes as more than one class, sometimes in smaller groups (e.g. I taught a cooking class in my kitchen several times--also at the International Student Center kitchen). I think it's important and gratifying all around for students to get to know American life by seeing teachers as ordinary people. I was always proud to have students at my house....

Report from Seattle TESOL
...This report will be posted shortly...