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March 2002

One: The Top 10 Percent at TESOL 2002
ESL MiniConference picks the top sessions for every time slot from Wednesday through Saturday at TESOL 2002! Plus, selected abstracts for each day, with buzz words highlighted: Wed./Thurs./Fri./Sat.
Two: Hip-Hop, Rap and Academic Writing
Dr. Wendy A. Gavis, of the New York Technical College, chaired the Hip-Hop session at the recent applied linguistics Winter Conference, and contributed this report for ESL MiniConference Online.
Three: 14th Annual Malkemes Prize Awarded
Jean McConochie, professor of English and Director of ESL at Pace University, received this year's Fred W. Malkemes Prize, presented at the recent Winter Conference.
Four: Using Google Groups to Deepen Your (Re)search
So you've finished your ERIC search, spent a few hours in the library and you think you're well on your way. Why not use the Google Groups search engine to see what you may have missed, from archived listserv discussions.
Five: Would You Believe 0 percent Teacher Talk?
Margaret Scheirman, of the Minnesota English Center at the University of Minnesota, shares an anecdote about how she adjusted a lesson plan to account for her severe case of laryngitis.
Six: Letters from the Front Lines of ESL in China
Uriel Wittenberg sent out regular installments of a running commentary on ESL teaching experiences in China during his 5-month stay in Beijing. Read his intriguing story.