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Summer 2011

Achievement Profile:
Ashley Green

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Late Summer Issue, 2011

Achievement Profile: Ashley Green
... try new things in the classroom. I find that the longer I teach, the more cautious I become about bringing in new activities. I start thinking about everything that might go wrong. There's an enthusiasm that new teachers have that's contagious; you should take advantage of it and spread your excitement to other teachers. They'll be inspired. ...

Novel by Richard P. Goodwin
...Taken as a whole, this is a story about the difference a positive relationship can make in a person's life, and the opportunity to learn and develop in response to thoughtful, caring indirect instruction by way of example. Richard Goodwin, the author, has demonstrated a mastery of the elusive art of weaving together a good tale. I look forward to his next novel, and I predict that one day he may rise to the level of great storytellers of our modern era, such as Leslie Marmon Silko and Thomas Hardy. ...

Robb Scott Reaches Career Milestone
...I felt a surge of emotion when my advisor told me it was time to contact the committee members and set up a date for the defense. On the day of the event, things went very well, but it was still an immense relief and I was overcome with emotion when my advisor opened the door and invited me back into the room where all were awaiting me to shake my hand and greet me with the words ...