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Late Summer 2008

TALGS 2009 with Jodi Crandall

Achievement Profile: Enid Cocke

My Brother Bill

Building an Inclusive Society

Speaking from Blueprints


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Late Summer 2008

Achievement Profile: Enid Cocke
...At that time K-State didnít have a year-round intensive English program, but the Graduate School and the Provost felt an urgent need for one. In 1985 the Provost gave me his backing to start one. I conducted phone interviews with the directors of many programs, attended TESOL, visited the well-established program at the University of Kansas, and hosted David Eskey as a NAFSA consultant...

TALGS 2009 Issues Call for Proposals
...TALGS (TESOL/Applied Linguistics Graduate Students) is a small, student-run conference aimed at providing a serious yet relaxed environment for graduate students and professionals working in TESL/TEFL and a variety of applied linguistic fields to present their work, receive feedback, and network...

My Brother Bill
...The experience over the years with my brother Bill also suggests lessons for me as a teacher. How often today are students' difficulties in learning considered to be problems that are located in them rather than in the fit between them and the curriculum? How much of the informal conversation between teachers amounts to rationalizing our own failures by blaming the students?...

To Build an Inclusive Society
...Inclusion has become the vision of American public education...

Blueprints Aloud
...Listening to them from a seat in the very back of the classroom, I detected improved pronunciation and increased fluency, which helped to make their content and the coherence and unity (key Folse concepts) ring through clearly....