Sept. 13-16, 2006, Antalya, Turkey

Late Summer 2006

Adjuncts Win in District Court

Profile: Valerie Whiteson

Profile: Katherine Langan

U.S. Cultural Centers Need Updating

Questions for TESL-L Editors


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Late Summer 2006

Achievement Profile: Valerie Whiteson
...Teach about the world in the language you want your pupils to learn. Every aspect of the language must be in context. Make sure that the topics are stimulating. Respect your students and show that you care about them as people and pupils....

Achievement Profile: Katherine Langan
...I can remember in grade school reading something about Mayan and Aztecan languages and deciding it would be fun to learn to speak all the languages of the world....

Subscriber Revolt on TESL-L?
..."TESL must be the only place in the Internet that forces short messages these days," wrote one person. "That policy has been abandoned by the rest of the Internet world long ago. Time for TESL to catch up."

Westchester ESL Adjuncts Win in District Court
...On June 15, 2006, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York handed an adjunct professor a win over administrators who fired him in retaliation for protected speech. ....

The Need to Update the Teaching of English at U.S. Cultural Centers Abroad
...I think that providing new editions of books which are about actual life, business or school in the U.S. will help more people in learning English, preparing their exam, or improving their English levels before coming to the U.S....