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January 2002

One: Final Results from ESL Workplace Survey
A number of ESL administrators and teachers have submitted their survey responses. This report gives an analysis of the results and suggests policy implications for improving the ESL workplace environment.
Two: Activity Based on a Johnny Cash Song
He's an American classic, and his lyrics are very accessible for ESL learners. Check out this simple activity based on one of Johnny Cash's recent songs, and see student responses.
Three: New York City Winter TESOL Conference
Get an early alert for this important mid-year event! A good reason to brave the winter cold. Here is an early peek at the conference schedule.
Four: A Review of the "Let's Talk" Series
Leo Jones is well-known for his practical approaches to the teaching of English conversation. Here is a book that will help any teacher imitate his success. Review by Robb Scott
Five: ESL MiniConference Reviews Two New Reports
Sally Morrison, of the ERIC Clearinghouse for Language and Linguistics, has published two excellent reports, on Web-based ESL and on second-language teaching methodology
Six: How to Write a Winning TOEFL Essay
ESL students can learn to convert any TOEFL topic to fit into a rhetorical template based on a reduced form of the Classical Essay. Article includes a student sample.