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Fall 2007

Achievement Profile: Jidapa Promruang

An American Indian Topical Riff

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

101 Questions & Answers from Crawford & Krashen


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Fall 2007

Achievement Profile: Jidapa Promruang
...Working with native English-speaking teachers requires me to understand difficult cross-cultural experiences so that I can help them become effective in their new jobs. New teachers in Thailand need to understand the specific challenges their future students will face. ....

Surfing a Topical Wave in the Middle of Autumn
...I was interested to read that many of them were intrigued by the scenes and moods in the paintings of Arthur Short Bull, and several students wished they knew more about Native American Indians....

ESL Student Suggests Improvements in Logical Conversation Method
...I was highly motivated by the request of my student for a visual which would give him and his classmates faster access to their memories of how to perform the various functions in a logical conversation without having to process abundant text...

ESL MiniConference Book Review: 101 Questions and Answers, by Steve Krashen and James Crawford
...The information in this book will give teachers and administrators the intellectual ammunition they need to advocate effectively on behalf of newcomers, English language learners, and culturally and linguistically diverse children in all the schools of America today...