KATESOL Spring Conference in Emporia, Kansas!

December 2004

Remembering FLEAT II

Southeast Asia Outreach

Fewer Int'l Scholars at U.S. Colleges

2004 Retrospective

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December 2004

The Longest Week in History
"...Several news reports mentioned that the Indian Ocean event actually affected the earth's rotation. Estimates of the death toll are revised upwards every few hours, and most recently reached 68,000. ..."
Remembering FLEAT II in 1992
...As I look back at that experience, I realize that Dr. Niwa played a pivotal role in reviving FLEAT and reestablishing this event as the most important regular gathering of language learning technology researchers and teachers from around the globe....
International Scholar Presence Declining at U.S. Institutions
Visa problems continue to plague universities across the United States in their efforts to recruit and retain graduate as well as undergraduate students from abroad...
Interview with the Editor of ESL MiniConference Online
...I am hopeful that I can contribute in the area of creating effective transition programs for culturally and linguistically diverse young people with special needs....