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Autumn 2010 Special

Refereed Article From Hankuk University

English Learning as Peace Education


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Special Journal Articles on International Themes

Journal Article By Professor Kevin Baublitz From Hankuk University
...ABSTRACT: Motivation is clearly a critical factor for second language learning because it affects students' willingness to approach learning and using English. Teachers who hope to provide meaningful instruction need to consider how to increase the motivational levels of their students in order to ensure student success in learning. This paper examines what Korean university students studying English as a second language (ESL) have to say about what does or does not positively affect their motivation to study English. The ways in which intrinsic and extrinsic motivation affect ESL learners are explained by examining student surveys and current research. How self-directed or autonomous learning stimulates intrinsic motivation is a major part of the paper, as is how teacher-centered classrooms tend to make ESL students more extrinsically motivated. ...

Journal Article By Dave Hopkins
...ABSTRACT: “I have something to say...” We ought to be thrilled when we hear our students say this, but are we ready to listen? Our students are not just blanks slates waiting for our views and opinions. They have the ability to think for themselves, as we have the responsibility to give them a chance to try out their ideas. Do you think our students might have something to “say” about peace as opposed to war; about “peace” as opposed to violence?

The question is, will they merely express the ideas of those around them, repeating the litanies that fuel the conflicts and dissension in their world? Or, will they question, and consider the alternatives? This paper is about providing students with the opportunity to consider and weigh the options available. ...